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Ultimate knitwear guide for your littlest one!

Ever topped buying knitwear because you weren't sure about how to best take care of?

Well, let me tell you: it's easier than you imagined! Let me explain...

  1. Knitwear and quick stains

For small stains and spills, simply wash off the knit with a bit of water immediately after the stain happens and try to remove with a bit of soap. The following accounts as general rule for all stains, especially with natural fibers: it's best to clean up the mess right away. The longer the stain stays in the fibers, the more difficult it is to remove it afterwards without leaving a trace.

2. Washing knitwear with the washing machine

Washing machine for knitwear? yes, of course. Even if we recommend hand washing always as first option - nothing will wash your stuff more gently than your own hands- a quick washing machine cycle for your precious knitwear is absolutely doable. Nevertheless, there are a few things to keep in mind so your favorite knit does not looses any quality:

- adhere to a gentle and slow wash cycle, 30° is feasible but make it last shortly and with very low spin speed. Quick spins can make knit strings and button holes get caught in other garments and leave an unfavorable outcome.

- if possible, put your knit in a cloth bag so it gets that extra protection I was talking about

3. Drying

When hanging for drying , it_s best to lay the knit on a towel or similar rather than hanging it up on a drying rack. Like this, the garment does not stretch under its own weight and keeps form and size the best way possible.

4. Knit for your baby

Cotton knitwear woven with quality and care like ours, is a great material for your baby wear. Due to its robustness and adaptability, knitwear is a very rewarding material. Fresh in summer and also comfortable to wear in autumn/winter, knitwear adapts smoothly to your body. The softness to the touch makes them perfect pieces even for newborns, they are delicate and beautiful. The knit fabric stretches easily and allows babies the amount of mobility they need at that age. On top, knit is a breathable fabric, it will prevent irritation and acts as an anti-allergen fabric. And the best part is, knitwear does not get dirty easily, due to the fibers that compose it. Mites and bacteria will have a hard time getting in! So, your little one,

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