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Mineni Kids

Entdecke unsere handgemachte Kindermode von 0-6 10 Jahren und unterstütze fair produzierte Kindermode made-in Europe.

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Entdecke unsere nachhaltigen Kinderkleider und Hemden für Kinder von 4-12 Jahren. Für unsere Kleinen möchten wir Qualität, Komfort und Schönheit vereinen - das ist was slow fashion für uns bedeutet.


Kinderkleider die mitwachsen!

Unsere Nenis sind nicht nur bequem und schick sondern wachsen auch mit. Der super dehnbare Baumwollstrick zusammen mit dem Extra-Stoff, den wir beim Rock am Saum lassen ist unser Neni Kleid der Star auf einigen Geburtstagen ;)

Werfe einen Blick auf unsere Kleider: Neni Kleider

Unser Pablo Hemd

Organische Baumwollhemden für Jung und Alt, angenehm zum Tragen und besonders atmungsaktiv, das ist unser Baumwollhemd Pablo.. Für den Sommer zu einer Jeans oder Chino, also auch im Winter unter den Pulli - unser nachhaltiges Basic für jedes Alter.

Werfe einen Blick auf unsere Hemdenkollektion: Pablo-Hemd Mineni

  • About Mineni
    Mineni attaches particular importance to 100% production in Europe and therefore only uses fabrics that have been woven and processed in Europe. Our fabrics are organic and OEKO Tex / GOTS certified, pleasant on the skin and free from any harmful substances - because naturalness is most important thing to us!
  • Where are the garments made?
    All our items are designed in our own studio in Vienna and handmade in Spain. We work exclusively with family workshops and individual seamstresses and thus support the textile industry made in Europe.
  • Why is Mineni more sustainable than conventional clothing brands?
    Unlike well-known kids brands, we have our design and all production based in Europe. Our pieces are handmade and taken care of by individual seamstresses through the whole process from conception to completion. Thus, not only does every garment receive the attention it deserves, but it is also equipped with the highest quality features so it lasts long and stays beautiful. Our fabrics are entirely made in Spain and Portugal and are also eco-certified.
  • What is special about Mineni knitwear?
    Our cotton knit is not only organic and eco-certified, but is made from the finest cotton to meet the special needs of children's skin. It is hard-wearing but still remains beautiful. Due to its adaptability to the body and its elasticity, it grows along with your little one for several years.
  • How do I properly care for my knitwear?
    Our Mineni knitwear is machine-washable at a maximum of 30°. We always recommend choosing a low spin cycle to protect the knitted items as best as possible. When drying, we always give the tip to lay down instead of hang up the knitwear so it can best keep its shape.
  • What is special about the Mineni pijamas?
    Our pajamas are made with the finest GOTS-certified cotton from Portugal and follow a sustainable manufacturing process that minimizes transport costs. Materials are sourced purely from Europe and Mineni supports local artisans and individual seamstresses that take part in every step along the production of our garments.
  • Can my Mineni piece be personalized?
    Yes. All of our garments can be personalized upon request.
  • What if the size I want is not available?
    No problem. Write us your desired size and we will give you inform you about an estimated delivery date for your handmade item. Please keep in mind that our pieces are handmade and some require a longer delivery time.
  • How do I care for my espadrilles?
    Take a look at our espadrille guide and find out how to keep your espadrilles beautiful for as long as possible.
  • Are the Mineni backpacks machine-washable?
    Yes. Our Mineni backpacks can be washed in the washing machine at up to 30° without any problems.
  • Can the Mineni backpacks be used for kindergarten?
    Yes, our Mineni backpacks are ideal for the age of 2-4 years and can be used for kindergarten as well as for trips at weekends.
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