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The Espadrille Care Guide

Much desired and finally here, just in time for the summer season - our exclusive Mineni Espadrille Care Guide! We look forward to explaining a bit about the care and cleaning of the most popular summer shoes and I can already tell you one thing: if you take good care of your espadrilles or espadrilles, you can easily enjoy them for several years and summers!

Rain drops and wetness on your Espadrilles

You should definitely avoid getting into rain or step into moisture, mud or rainpuddles. The yute material should not get wet as the material and robustness can suffer. If it happens, immediately put in sunlight to dry.

On behalf of the suede, let the raindrops dry for a few hours on the suede material, you will notice, they fade away. After a few hours or even a day, gently brush off in case of remains with our suede brush. You can always impregnate your espadrilles but it is not necessary to maintain them clean and proper.

Small stains on the suede leather

When encountering small raindrops, stains or if you happen to have a few drops of your favorite drink on your espadrille-gently go over with the suede brush and you will see how small stains fade immediately.

Thankfully, suede leather is a very robust material and will adapt in color and texture to your everyday use. With the time it will get more resistant to stains and ,on top, look more casual and cool!

After summer care

Espadrilles, even if not commonly known, are a very robust shoe and you will have them for many summers if you treat them right.

After the summer season, put them in a dry spot, by themselves and with some shoe fillers so the suede stays stiff and in place.

Can't wait for the next summer!

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