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How to care of your Epadrilles

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Espadrilles and humidity/wetness


First of all, it important to notice that natural fibers such as jute are easily damaged by water. That's why it is important to avoid the contact of the espadrilles with water as much as possible.


It is not recommended to use them on rainy days and it is important to store them in a dry place without moisture to keep them in perfect condition.

If your espadrilles do get wet or damp, let them dry outside for a while without exposing them to direct sunlight. Lay them horizontally on their side or face up.


Under no circumstances should you throw your espadrilles in the washing machine or soak them in water, as the jute will lose its natural binding power and will fall apart.

Cleaning your suede espadrilles

To clean jute soles, it is best to remove the dust with one of our Mineni Espadrille Brushes with soft bristles. In the case of damp stains, you can also dust the sole with a little tallow, leave it to work for a bit and later scrub it off with our brush.


For the suede leather, we recommend one of our Mineni suede leather brushes, which you can get from us or in leather shops. The special bristles remove every stain from the leather, it is only important that you comb over the stain with the brush as soon as possible after the stain has formed.

Here you get: Your Mineni espadrille grooming brush

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