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At Mineni we want to combine timeless style with quality and sustainable commitment. For this reason we value handmade production from 100% cotton for the youngest of us. Each of our products has been carefully designed and matched with the most natural materials, allowing us to bring together all the important things that we believe children's clothing should have: quality, comfort and uniqueness. That's what "slow fashion" means to us.

Chiara & Monica

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How does it work?

We believe in the slow movement of fashion and want to take the time to get things right and give each piece the attention it deserves. That applies to us, young and old. ​ Therefore, Mineni appreciates the artesanal craftsmanship of an authentic made-in-europe production. Our pieces are designed in our atelier in Vienna, to then be produced by hand by our manufacturers in Spain and Portugal, with the selection of the most natural materials such as cotton, viscose and linen. Our handmade garments are knitted and sewn in our small tailor shops by seamstresses with many years of experience - this gives our brand just the right balance between excellence, fairness and quality of life. The Mineni espadrille line is a special ode to European craftsmanship, as our authentic espadrille manufactures in Spain source only the finest local materials to give our espadrilles the quality and beauty that gives them so much endurance and load-bearing capacity .

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